An Advantage Of Working From Home

One day in December of 2016 I was working from home when I got a message from Angels Among Us Pet Rescue. There were two dogs in boarding that needed photos taken that day so their PetFinder and social media profiles could be updated. It just so happened that the place where they were boarded, Paw Perfect Salon, was pretty much right around the corner from me. I was happy to grab my kit and head over to take pictures of some rescue dogs needing a home.

I met a beautiful, svelte German Shepard Dog named Blondie. Due to some extra-ordinarily unfortunate turns of events, her owner had to give her up. Rabecca (owner of Paw Perfect) said Blondie loved car rides, and would I be okay taking her for a ride. My car is equipped for dogs to ride in, so I was more than happy to take this beautiful girl for a ride before her photo session.

Since I was there, there was another long-time Angels dog that needed photos – the one and only Tessaro. I promise you, if we didn’t already have three dogs in our home, we would adopt this guy. He has been without a forever home for way too long. This guy is playful, obedient, loves other dogs and people. I have no idea why he can’t find someone to take him in.

Both dogs were finally adopted and are living happily ever after!

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