The Story Of Tula the Rescue Dog – Part 1

Tula - the rescue dog

My first ever shelter dog photo session was a learning experience for me, but I was very happy to get better pictures of the shelter dogs than the cell phone snapshots they usually get. Better photos are directly related to faster adoptions, and I am more than willing to help these dogs find forever homes. However, I am aware that there will probably always be that “one dog” that captures my heart and makes me both sad and happy at the same time. My first such dog was Erica. Continue reading »

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Dog Portraits

dog photographyMy wife caught me feeling sorry for myself one Saturday afternoon after yet another model failed to show for a scheduled shoot. She told me I needed to find something else to take pictures of – something that didn’t rely on the fickle feelings of female models. So I turned my camera to our two dogs – Max and Guinness. After many (MANY) bad photos of them, I finally figured my technique and style, and found the confidence to start taking pictures of other people’s dogs. Continue reading »

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Shelter Dog Photography

maxFive-ish years ago, my wife and I got our first dog, Max. Max was a road dump. Someone pulled over to the side of a country road, opened the car door, pushed him out, and drove off – leaving him alone in cold and dark. Fortunately, this act of cruelty was witnessed by my son who took Max in for the night, and called my wife and me the next day with Max’s story. He’s been with us ever since. Continue reading »

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Looking for a pretty face

Looking for models and non-models with pretty faces for spring and summer 2016 photo shoots.

You are 16 to whatever, live in the north Georgia area or can be there.

You don’t have to be a model. You don’t have to be in shape. You just have to have the kind of face I’m looking for this project.

Contact me ASAP to schedule your free photo shoot!

There is no charge to you for this project, but you must have excellent make-up skills for your face.
The use of a professional make-up artist will be considered at your expense.

You will get an on-line gallery of proofs from the shoot, and no fewer than three finished digital
photos in high-resolution for printing and web-resolution for on-line sharing.

Shoots will use a combination of studio and outside settings.

Under 18 must be accompanied by a parent.

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Why won’t you shoot me? Here are some reasons I may have turned you down

Southern Girls WantedI recently posted a casting call in a Facebook modeling group looking for Southern girls for spring and summer model photo shoots. The post had my website and phone number, as well as a sample photo from a previous similar shoot. The post got lots of “likes” from female models, a few “I’m interested” replies, generated a few instant messages, and one email. Of all the responses I booked zero shoots. Why? If I was looking for Southern models for photo shoots, why didn’t any of those responses generate a booking? Continue reading »

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