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Excuse me…

As a part-time professional photographer, my time for “hobby shoots” – that is, shoots just for fun or to keep my skills sharp – is limited. My weekends are a commodity for me. That is when the bulk of my part-time professional photographer work comes into play.

When I book a shoot, be it a hobby shoot or a paid shoot, I book it with the intention of actually showing up and shooting. In the past seven or so years of shooting, I can only think of two short-notice cancellations I have had to do, and both of them were weekends my baby sister was having surgery and treatments for breast cancer.

Near the end of January I booked all of my available February spots. So far I have had one advance cancellation (the third time that model has canceled a shoot) and one short-notice cancellation. The former told me only after I contacted her to verify the time and content of our shoot. At least I have an opportunity to fill the slot she emptied. The latter canceled less than 6 hours before our shoot.

If you are a new model (or photographer for that matter), and you make an appointment for a shoot – KEEP IT. If you must cancel, do it as far in advance as possible. And when you offer an excuse, be honest. Keep in mind that we have heard all of the following:

  • Family emergency
  • Stomach problems
  • Got called into work at the last minute
  • Sick grandmother
  • Car problems

Sure, your reason may be true and valid, but if it isn’t, and you try to BS us with one (or a combination) of the above, we will talk about you.

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