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Has my work finally started to pay off?

After years of practicing, shooting, printing, processing, “photoshopping”, and working on a “style”, my work has finally been recognized. I was recently put on the official list of Atlanta freelance photographers for Prick Magazine. The appropriateness of this doesn’t escape me.

A few years ago I picked up an issue of Prick to read the cover story about Andrea Smith of the Atlanta Roller Girls and learned that roller derby was alive and well in the 21st century. I went to my first derby bout after reading that article, and, after a few seasons of photographing the bouts, have become the official photographer for the Atlanta Roller Girls (taking the spot left by the much loved and respected Frank Mullen). It is because of that association with the Atlanta Roller Girls, and my work with some tattooed folks, that I got the “in” with Prick.

Last night was my first assignment for Prick Magazine. I was asked to photograph the band Trail Of Dead during their visit to The Masquerade. It was an easy assignment for me. The guys in the band were friendly and appropriately playful, and I have shot live bands a few times in the past. I hope the shots are what the magazine was looking for. If so, I’ll have my second magazine tear sheet very soon (my first tear sheet was Diva, a UK-based lesbian magazine – really).

My fingers are crossed for the hope that this becomes a regular thing for me, and after a few successes with Prick, I’ll have to work on marketing myself to the local tattoo/piercing/music scene as one of the go-to guys for publicity and marketing photos.

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  1. Good for you, Ed!!! This is really exciting!

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