No More Free Shoots

no-tfpAfter much soul searching and navel gazing, I have decided that taking pictures of pretty girls for fun and as an outlet for my creativity is worth more than nothing.

For years I have been shooting “TFP” (time/trade for print) which means “I take pictures of you for free. We don’t pay each other. We both benefit. I’ll give you pictures.” This method has generally worked out for me over the years since I shoot mostly for fun. There have been a few times when I did pay models for shoots, or given the model a few bucks for gas money, but mostly I have worked with models who understand that they – like me – will probably never be “professionals” sought out by art directors for fashion magazines. We shoot for fun, for experience, even for friendship.

Of course, TF shoots bring a wagon load of headaches and pains in the tuckus – from finding models who want to shoot TF, to actually have those models show up (another post for another day) – not to mention that after shooting models and pretty girls for almost 18 years now I’m no longer a beginner trying to figure out how to take pictures.

At the end of summer 2015, I will no longer do free photo shoots. Effective the beginning of October 2015 I will charge fair and reasonable rates for everyone – whether it is a beginning model who needs experience in front of the camera or the many years of experience model who likes my style of shooting.

As for photography as my hobby? I am going to shift my focus, so to speak, to other subjects that interest me almost as much as pretty girls. I enjoy travel photography, dogs, my beautiful nieces and handsome nephews, and have recently discovered the joys of sailing. There are always other places to point my lens.

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