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Why won’t you shoot me? Here are some reasons I may have turned you down

I recently posted a casting call in a Facebook modeling group looking for Southern girls for spring and summer model photo shoots. The post had my website and phone number, as well as a sample photo from a previous similar shoot. The post got lots of “likes”

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Photography Thieves

Have you ever looked through a photographer’s online portfolio and noticed that his style and the quality of his photos varied? Not minor variations that could indicate an improvement in technique and talent, but wide variations where some photos just really pop out as so much better

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In Praise Of The Muse

Missy Robinson Playboy Model

A long time ago, too many years ago, I had a muse – a model I worked with many times over the span of two years. She was (is) a beautiful woman, creative, limitless, boundless, fun to work with, patient – in short, the best model I’ve ever

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No More Free Shoots

After much soul searching and navel gazing, I have decided that taking pictures of pretty girls for fun and as an outlet for my creativity is worth more than nothing.

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You Aren’t a Real Model

A young lady I am friends with on Facebook recently posted this little bit of short sighted judgement: Just going to clarify this for everyone. To be a “model” you have to get paid. Not just take slutty pictures

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