Wedding Photography Fraud

Rick Wiley was hired for $200 from a Craigslist ad – to photograph a “day after the wedding” reception and party for a newlywed couple. Their wedding was photographed beautifully by Elizabeth Williams of Liz by Design Photography.

This is Rick Wiley’s – of Wiley Photography – website – In the event his site is gone by the time you read this post, this is his site as of April 6, 2017:

wedding fraud

Here are the thumbnails of his portfolio:

wedding photography fraud

And this is his Client Album page (notice the 2023 event date!):

wedding photography fraud

Pretty impressive, isn’t it? Here’s his “about” information:

Like anything it comes down to price. At Wiley photography we position our prices to be significantly lower than the competition without comprimising quality. It’s the quality, price, and punctuality that make Wiley Photography stand out from the rest. We are the only company in the area that promises to give you your pictures on the same day of your event! Our services begin at just $300 (up to 3 hours) for a USB Memory Stick including over 100 photos taken by either one or two photographers that will be present at your event. These pictures will then be given to you on USB Memory Stick format.

We also offer videography upon request.

Our photos are all taken with a professional Canon 7D DSLR Camera which guarantees your pictures will come out great even when enlarged to large sizes.

The bottom line: We will make your special moments last forever. Wiley Photography is the best choice for your wedding, birthday, bar mitzvah, or other special event. Choose Wiley photography for Quality, Punctuality, and Price that can’t be beat.

Ready to book us for your event? Have additional questions? Message us in the box below or contact us at:

[email protected]

Thank you for considering us for your event! We look forward to working with you.

So how can we tell this is a fraudulent representation of Rick Wiley’s skills as a wedding photographer? Because his site is using the placeholder images that website creation company has in it’s free wedding photographer website template. Not only that, but a reverse image search on the photos on his site reveal them to be stock images!

wedding photography fraud

Clearly Rick Wiley Photography is not the creator of the wedding photos on his website. The couple who hired him for $200 from a Craigslist ad did not get the wedding photographer represented by those photos. The product delivered to them was terrible. I would love to show you what they got, but after posting about Wiley Photography on the Facebook group, and after not a few photographers emailed Wiley Photography about this apparent fraud, he allegedly threatened the couple, and the photos and original post were removed from Facebook.

According to the PhotoStealers website, Wix allows this kind of use on websites they create.

So what are a young bride and groom to do when looking for a wedding photographer?

First – if the photographer’s website is from Wix or any other “free” website builder (there will be banners or ads on the page), proceed with maximum skepticism.

Second – you get what you pay for. You pay $200 to cover your wedding, you will get $200 wedding coverage.

Third – get referrals! Ask for the names and contact information from their last 3 or so clients, then contact them!

Fourth – Google is your friend. Search for the photographer on Google. If you are using the Chrome web browser you can right click on an image and “search Google for image”. That will show you if that image has been procured from other sources.

Fifth – don’t look for a “deal” when it comes to your wedding photos. Skimp on the dress. Cut back on the booze. The photos are what will last after the dress doesn’t fit and the booze is all gone. Spend the extra bucks and hire a good wedding photographer, m’kay?

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