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Wedding Photography Fraud

Wedding Photography Fraud

Rick Wiley was hired for $200 from a Craigslist ad – to photograph a “day after the wedding” reception and party for a newlywed couple. Their wedding was photographed beautifully by Elizabeth Williams of Liz by Design Photography. This is Rick Wiley’s – of Wiley Photography – website – wileyphotography.us. In the event his site ... Read More
Money Changes Everything

Money Changes Everything

There’s a model on Facebook I want to photograph. She has the “girl next door” look I like, lives near me, and has experience in front of the camera. I contacted her about doing a shoot, and she was amenable. She has always liked my work and wanted to shoot with me. Plus, she said, ... Read More

Photography Thieves

Have you ever looked through a photographer’s online portfolio and noticed that his style and the quality of his photos varied? Not minor variations that could indicate an improvement in technique and talent, but wide variations where some photos just really pop out as so much better or so different than the rest. You may ... Read More

Photography For A Good Cause

Many photographers – myself included – constantly complain about being asked to shoot an event or a person for free. The usual justification for that request is, “You’ll get exposure.” Most photographers don’t need exposure. We need cash. We need to pay the rent or the credit card bills. Exposure doesn’t do that.

What is a “professional camera”?

Many people in the Atlanta area are applauding the return of Music Midtown – what used to be a multi-generational and multi-cultural music festival. This time it is very much geared to the late 20 to mid 30 year olds. But this isn’t about the questionable non-diverse lineup. This is about the return of a ... Read More